The joys of wood

What is that glorious material we see and use every day, so versatile in form and used in so much of our lives, from boat building, house construction, furniture and fuel, to sports equipment, weapons, tools, medicine and art (yes art)! We all use it so much that we take it for granted and for many, hardly notice it as we are so used to seeing it about in our lives. Take a look around you and note the materials you see, and I bet there is one which stands head and shoulders above the rest. Yes it"s wood and we really couldn"t be without it. It has been mankind"s friend from the beginning, and we have used it to progress through time to aid our survival and create items which have enhanced our lives. And we still rely so much on it, in spite of all the manmade materials available to us.

We need to look after our trees with greater care and not tear them down in such great numbers, or allow them to die out without replacing them like for like. As workers of wood, it should be our duty to take some responsibility for what we use, what we buy, where we buy it from, and how we use it. Yes it is beautiful to work with wood and have it shown in the products all around us, but let"s not forget where it came from and take steps to ensure the future of our beautiful trees, for the world would be sterile without wood in our everyday lives if there were not enough trees for us to be able to use.

So endeth my thought for today!