Triton Precision Router

Monday 9 July 2018

A few months ago now I got to grips with the 1400W Plunge router from Triton and at first glance the 2000W Precision appears to be pretty much the same machine. It shares all of the same safety features designed to improve handling and general usability. It has the same options for controlling depth of cut. A free plunge with lock-off facility converts to a wind-up, wind-down motion through a switch built into one of the grips. A clutch mechanism enables precise movement both onto and off the job. I remember this action feeling rather awkward at first and though I am more comfortable with it now it still feels a bit quirky.

The micro adjustment, however, makes perfect sense of things and is worthy of the Precision badge that has been bestowed upon it. I do think Triton have missed a trick by not extending this feature to be used with a top winding handle present on the smaller machine when it is mounted in a table. A machine of this size is more likely to spend time here than the smaller one especially as it has 80mm of plunge depth opposed to 59mm on the smaller model. Having said that I would have been happy enough with it had I not already been spoilt for choice with the 1400W.

Chip guards

The fitting of chip guards to be used with extraction is better on the 2000W machine but limits cutter size to 56mm diameter. A 76mm-diameter one would otherwise pass through the baseplate. The larger baseplate is not quite so cramped around the cutting zone, allowing better visibility of the working area.

I was not too impressed with the pre-set depth stop on the 1400W machine and this one uses the same device. Strangely enough it works a lot better but I would still like to see this upgraded to incorporate more metal components.

Other identical features on the 2000W are the automatic spindle lock which engages when changing cutters, the safety lock on the power switch and the extended baseplate for attaching the parallel fence. Both machines are capable of cutting the same-size circles from the built-in centring device, 84-189mm diameter with a 9.5mm cutter.

This machine will take a wide range of guidebushes.