Ryobi 14V Drill Driver

Monday 9 July 2018

Ryobi has been developing and launching new products at a fair pace recently and by far the largest sector is drills. Drills form a vital part of what we do in the workshop and around the home, raising the question of how big and powerful a drill needs to be. The advent of Li-Ion batteries has seen an overall weight reduction in drills, and these batteries pack more punch size for size, compared with NiCads.

This means drills can be more comfortably used for extended periods and, moreover, technological developments are allowing the motor and drive assemblies to become smaller too.

The cumulative effect is that drills like this one are considerably smaller than was previously possible, but with just as much welly, and they are easier to manipulate, handle and use. This latest model from Ryobi is 30 per cent smaller that the older model it is replacing.

New livery

The new acid-green Ryobi livery is, like Marmite, a love it or loathe it colour. I love it and it makes a refreshing change.

The drill casing is impact resistant so will take the rough and tumble of daily workshop use. The handle sports soft, contoured grey grips that are not only effective but contrast well with the green. It seems we have now moved into the realm of something having to both look good and perform well. Mind you, that has been happening in other industries so it should come as no surprise that tools and machines have gone down that route too.

The clutch is smooth and effective, the 2-speed settings are easily changed from one to the other via a push-pull slider on the top of the body housing, and the 13mm keyless chuck is effective and easy to use.