Makita BHP453Z Combi Drill-Driver

Monday 9 July 2018


I can remember way back in the early part of 1980, when I first came across a cordless drill. I cannot remember what make it was, but the guy using it definitely thought he was a bit flash. I remember thinking that nothing would tear me away from my yankee screwdrivers. I had the full set. A couple of years later however and the yankees had been consigned to history and I was on my way to being the owner of countless cordless variants, the latest, of which I am the temporary custodian, being the 18V Makita LTX Combi drill-driver.

What it does

The drill will pull a 4in screw into a solid piece of wood without much difficulty. It will also drill a hole through brickwork, using the hammer action. Both of these functions will draw a lot from the battery if repeated in any great numbers but Makita recharge times are short, just 15 minutes to 80 per cent of full charge in the air-cooled charging dock.

There is not a hint of wobble in the shaft and overall it has a solid feel that suggests it is built to last.

I found the switch between forward and reverse a tad clunky and the motor was not the quietest drive unit I had heard either. These may well have been intended to compensate for its slight frame and on the whole this is a good little drill-driver with two speeds and 16 torque settings.