Veritas Pillar Drill Table

Monday 9 July 2018


I have got to admit I had one of those eureka moments when I first saw this piece of equipment in the Veritas catalogue. It seems every machine in the shop nowadays comes with built-in extraction. Drilling, I know, does not throw up lots of fine dust like some other processes but as we continue to edge towards a dust-free environment it is inevitable that we put each activity under the microscope for improvements, so with this in mind we called in the Veritas pillar drill table for test.


Students and professionals from Mark Fish Contemporary Furniture report that the fence was extremely well made, as you would expect from Veritas, with precise adjustment and stops at both ends. Positioning was infinitely adjustable and secure, giving a reliable point of reference for accurate drilling.

The table comes pre-prepared for fitting to an existing drill platform and Veritas were generous and thoughtful enough to supply additional fixings and tooling should theirs not be in the right place for your platform.

Included in the kit is a clamp designed to fit into the same aluminium extruded channels that hold the fence in place. It was certainly a secure means of holding down work but could be improved by being a bit longer or even made to work from behind the fence to apply pressure closer to the drilling centre for smaller pieces. This was overcome by using a small block of wood in tandem with the clamp.

The table itself is made from MDF and has a hardwearing Formica face with a similar material used around the edge. More than one of the team thought that this would not stand the test of time and would soon be peeling off and only time will tell if they are right.

Dust and waste removal via the vacuum attachment located behind the fence was far from adequate. A segmented adjustable hose could possibly be the answer.