Editor's letter Furniture & Cabinetmaking Autumn 2019 issue

I have been at the helm of F&C for 10 years I am now moving on to pastures new. It has been a privilege to work and talk with such wonderful craftspeople from around the world. The 20 working day production cycles certainly kept me on my toes and it will be a different pace of life from here on in but just as interesting.

During my time at the magazine we recorded the passing of two of the most influential craftsmen in our field, James Krenov and Alan Peters, both within a month of each other and just a few weeks after I took the job. Though I’m certain these events weren’t related they were formative in shaping my knowledge of what was important to the readers of F&C.

Their work was about as far away as you could imagine from the commercial world I’d been part of previously. I delved into their past and quickly became acquainted with the minutiae of things like back bevels, tool steel, battery life and the East vs West saw conundrum– all of which have made me an insufferable bore at family gatherings on occasion but a better woodworker and much richer in friends than I could ever have imagined. Not quite the win, win, win I was hoping for but two out of three…

The folk left holding the reins from now are seasoned pros in the woodworking field and have an excellent eye for detail and I know they will do all they can to deliver good, safe advice to support you in all your woodworking endeavours. My parting shot is a simple request; support the next iteration of this fine institution.

Thank you for all your help, support and encouragement.

Best wishes,

Derek Jones