Trains and boats and planes

So far this week my time has been spent going places rather than doing things and tomorrow has much the same ring to it. Rycotewood and Talking Tools is the only thing on my ‘to do list’ so that’s where I’ll be. No idea how I’m going to get there yet but I’ve been told parking is a problem so considering the train.

I heard a couple of hours ago that Squadron Leader Baker (Mark) has been detained at Berlin airport. Apparently he’s hopping mad, 50 flights have been cancelled due to bad weather. I keep a 1:48 scale model of a MkV Spitfire on my desk for moments like this so I’m desperately trying to resist the temptation to fire off a couple of Dad’s Army style WW2 puns.

Instead I’m going to move on swiftly. You’re reading and enjoying (mostly) 163, and we’re working flat out on 165, which is taking shape nicely. I came across a great quote from Ambrose Heal the other day “If in doubt, innovate” which I have adopted and altered to “if in doubt, irritate” which when you think about it is much the same thing. I’ve been irritating enough for one day I think. Time for a lie down.